Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Asparagus fern?

How much sun does an asparagus fern need and which direction do they like to face?

Asparagus fern?

Medium, prefers high. Does well near an east, west, or south window, filtered light, or location receiving 1000 footcandles or more.


Normal to frequent. Water thoroughly, keep soil moist. Can let soil dry to the touch to a soil depth of 1/2".
Reply:They like to be in a bright area but don't like very much direct sunlight. If the fronds start to shrivel or turn brown it's probably getting too much sun. The direction doesn't matter as long as it's bright.
Reply:Just a little warning.....those things grow like weeds! If you put it in the ground, you will never get rid of it. Good luck.

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