Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to bring an asparagus fern back from the dead?

I have an asparagus fern that is in a large pot outside and was killed by an unexpected frost about a month ago. I just left it out there dead and brown since, but I have now noticed that there are some new green sprigs.

It's in potting soil with nutrients and has been getting adequate water. I have excised all the dead parts of the plant above ground level and left it with just the tiny little live portion. Is there anything I can do to revive it other than just wait and see?

How to bring an asparagus fern back from the dead?
They are extremely hardy. Usually I just cut the whole thing down to about a 2" stub and then cover with a fine mulch and let it come back on it's own. In your case would probably just add a little more of your potting soil around the live growth.
Reply:not sure what area or zone you live in but in alabama this does happen after a freeze...you are correct if no more freezing is coming to prune off all of the deadness. water and wait and it almost always returns hearty and beautiful as ever...good luck

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