Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Asparagus Fern is turning yellow,any suggestions, QUICK!?

Asparagus ferns don't tolerate dry soil or low light very well. Once some of the needles or stems yellow, they stay yellow even after you have corrected the problem.

Water your Asparagus fern as soon as the surface of the soil feels very dry. That will probably prevent any further yellowing. Remove all needles and stems that are already yellow.

Your fern should be right in front of a sunny window. It does not need sun shining directly on it all day, but a few hours of direct sun are important.

Fertilizer will not help and fertilizer sticks can actually damage roots as they concentrate the minerals in hot spots where they are inserted.

My Asparagus Fern is turning yellow,any suggestions, QUICK!?
Agreed, first thought is overwatering, but also underwatering and spider mites. Could it have sunburned?

Try repotting and sniffing the soil when it's out of the pot, stinky soil indicates drowned and dead roots.

If spider mites, you might see tiny webbing within the foliage, but more likely the plant will feel "gritty." Taking the plant to the sink or shower daily and giving the foliage a good bath will help break spider mite life cycle.
Reply:sounds like too much water
Reply:No offense at all, but here in Florida, I yank them out of the ground. They are weeds and hurt when they insist themselves into skin.

They also consume other plant life they seem to attach to.

Potted,,for whatever reason you choose to keep one, I suggest this.

Too much or too little, water. Sunlight, nourishment. root bound.

Rev. Steven


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