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How do I "cheer up" my Asparagus Fern?

I was teasing my guy one day and bought an Asparagus Fern as our "love fern" from "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" and we have had it for about 8 months maybe and even though our love isn't dieing the fern seems to think otherwise. It was doing really great, out grew its pot fast so I repotted it and now it isn't growing but it is still alive (barely.) It is so brown that I have a "Charley Brown Christmas Tree" looking thing not my beautiful fern. What can I do to get it back?

How do I "cheer up" my Asparagus Fern?
Maybe you water it too much or it doesn't get enough sunlight. I have asparagus ferns in my yard that grow like weeds, despite my attempts to get rid of them. They are in full sun on a southwest-facing slope. They are planted with a lot of xeriscape-type plants (succulents, palms, etc.) and don't get much water. But, they're thriving under those conditions.

If you do try giving it more sun or putting it outside for a while, acclimate it to the increased sunlight gradually. Plants that haven't been in direct sunlight - even plants that are supposed to get lots of direct sunlight - can easily get sunburned until they're used to the sunlight.

If you do sunburn a plant, the chlorophyll in the leaves with burn up, leaving the leaves a whitish color until they finally turn brown and fall off. But, a sunburned plant will usually come back to life by putting it in a shadier area for a while.
Reply:Try to give it a little bit of fertilizer such as Miracle Grow or Peter's plant food.. and try some different soil. Make sure the environment is correct for the plant. Too much or too little sunlight can have a strong effect on it. Put some nice music on and maybe a windchime nearby. You really do need to give the plant a pep talk, they do respond to love.
Reply:I find ferns quite fragile, I think it might be too late. Check the roots aren't in water. Try a feed and maybe consider repotting it.
Reply:Asparagus ferns are very metro. They love Broadway musicals and French impressionistic art. That's way most testosterone laded guys don't care for the plants.
Reply:Humidity is the key. Try hanging it in your bath room and run hot water in the shower to create a humid mist. Then get it outside as soon as the weather permits. They do not do well in dry conditions. Mine live in the bathroom during the winter months.

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